A Mother's Day Tribute to the One and Only

Mom!!! Alicia! Alicat395!

Can I just start by saying WE APPRECIATE YOU.

I'm convinced you might be the best person ever.

This world doesn't deserve your kind heart and selflessness, but here you are radiating every bit of it to us, thank goodness.
It'd be so dark here without you.

The best way to describe you as a mother is as follows:  I remember watching 13 going on 30 with you (this was years ago) and we were at the scene where Jenna visits her parents and stays the night. She tried going to sleep in her own bed, but there was a crazy storm that night, so she crawls into bed with her mom for comfort. That's when you said to me, "you'll never be too old for that." That stuck with me for years. Thank you for letting me know that you'll always be my security blanket.
 I love you so much it hurts.

My love for art and creativity comes straight from you and I will never stop striving to make you proud. I'll never forget the first time you showed me your art …

Simple Little Things that are sure to Get Everyone Into the Christmas Spirit

Hello, again! Wow... it has been so long, unfortunately. 
I was just lying in bed trying to get to sleep (it is now 3:12 in the morning) and I thought of doing this post.
I have spent every year of my life being home around this holiday season, and this year I won't be able to be with my family until Christmas Eve Eve. And although this is the case, I am in the Christmas spirit this year more-so than ever! (Of course, when I should be sleeping, a million and one things are running through my mind.) I thought about the little things I've done differently this year that have caused me to feel especially joyous, so I thought I'd share these things with you. 
Be warned as you read, these things are very small and do not require much effort, but do not doubt their power of influence!!! 

So, without further or do...


1. Light sweet/spiced holiday candles. My roommates and I have burned through candles like crazy this season. There is just something …

The Sky is Blue

I haven't been on here in a hot minute and I probably said the same thing in my last post... But right this second I feel so inspired to share this story that actually happened within the past hour.
I was a total wallflower during all of this, and it definitely had its perks. (Please get my cheesy movie reference.)
I am in a three-hour long public speaking class with about 25-30 students and today, we each gave a "personal story" speech in front of the class. If you're interested, I told about the time I encountered a huge sting ray in the ocean in the Bahamas. *interrupting to say this: I get chills just thinking about how flawlessly this story fell together and that I was lucky enough to observe its happenings. So, the presentations went in order by the groups we were assigned into. This guy got up to tell the story of how he figured out that he was colorblind. His parents took him to the eye doctor and that is when they received the news. Years later, he discover…

Bake Your Eyelids!!!...???

Yes, ladies and gents. It is time to save some time and money by baking your eyelids. Who needs eye primer when you have this technique?! Baking your lids is a full-proof way to get ready quickly and prevent any oil from coming out and causing smudges throughout the day. People with oily skin will especially appreciate this--I've got ya covered. This is what I do when I don't really have time to apply a full eye look or if I'm trying to be simple. Also, a good eye primer is expensive as all get out and I'm a broke college student, ya feel? Still not trying to have oily eyelids though... it's not cute in my book. And the best part...
this look takes 5 minutes TOPS.
So, let us get started...

The items above are the only things I used. There are two beauty sponges, because I'm weird. I refuse to put powder and concealer on the same beauty sponge even though it's perfectly fine to do and everyone else does it.
I should also mention that I had already applied c…

Holiday Makeup Look (Subtle Glitter Usage)

Wow have I missed blogging. The time off was well worth it as I have another semester of school behind me, praise God. Yesterday was a lazy day, so of course I played with makeup. I've been trying to figure out a way to wear festive, holiday makeup without being too dramatic (because, otherwise, I would douse myself in glitter if I could)... and I came up with this:

None of the images on this post are filtered, so you can see just how pigmented and glittery that eyeliner is--it's stunning, especially in person! And the best part: it only took me 10-15 minutes to do.
On the face: *Sephora Teint Infusion Foundation (#30 sable.sand) *CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer (Medium/Deep) *Ben Nye Banana Powder *Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (Medium/Deep)
On the lips: *Lime Crime Velveteen Matte Liquid Lipstick (Wicked)
Here's a closer look at the eyes. I LOVED the way the liner turned out!

On the eyes: *Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Brunette) *Urban Decay Eyeshadow …

Strobing Technique

I'm back so soon!
This technique is VERY on trend right now, so I thought I'd share how I "strobe."

"Strobing" is basically extreme highlighting, which I'm all about in the summertime. Having oily skin, I like to mattify my face and then put the glow in all the right places. For people with dry skin, you're probably going to LOVE this. I feel like it should just be called "The JLo Effect," because you will look and feel like her, I promise.

Someone came up with this technique as an alternative to contouring; no bronzer is used on the face, only highlight (and blush, if you feel like you need it. I personally don't use it with this technique.)

Here is how I strobe:

I started off with this tube of liquid gold, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Opal' (this product is absolutely gorgeous, I'm trying to conserve every last drop) I had already applied a liquid foundation to her face (do not use a powder foundation as this tech…

10 Things That Make Me Terribly Happy

Hello again!
I did one of these on my last blog, and I love my list (which is actually like 50 things), so I'm going to post my first happy list to my new blog! Some of the things might be the same from the first list, because I can't remember the ones I chose to post from my long list...JUST forewarning you if you followed the previous blog. Also, I got this idea from, she's fabulous and beautiful!

SO without further or do...
10 THINGS THAT MAKE ME TERRIBLY HAPPY: 1. Lipstick 2. When it rains while it's sunny 3. Sunflowers; is it just me or do they always seems to be smiling at you? 4. Road trips 5. Getting packages in the mail 6. The unexpected compliment 7. Pineapples 8. Doing my eye makeup with freshly waxed eyebrows; they're, then, a PERF blank canvas. 9. The smell of honeysuckles 10. Freshly shaved legs and clean sheets... (<that deserved its own pause) I had a million thoughts rushing through my head that I wanted to share through a post, but…