Blue Brown Halo Eye

Hello again! I'm back with another makeup look... on my hand. 

Not sure why I find so much joy in this, but I'm rolling with it.  This look was inspired by a gorgeous loose pigment by MAC in the shade 'Blue Brown.'

I remember seeing pictures of it on Pinterest years ago and I've been wanting to get my hands on it ever since. And every time I'd visit a MAC store/counter they wouldn't have it. So instead, I'll work with what I've got.

I used the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe, again, for this look, so here is the card with shade names as a reference:

Lid: Mocha, Chip, Central Park, Pool Party Crease (transition shade): Pooter
I forgot to do a brow bone highlight and the eyebrow is... wonky to say the least. It's something lol that's for sure... I couldn't be bothered about fixing it; the eyeshadow is what we're all here for, right?
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look; I love it and am planning to wear it very soon! Thanks for giving t…

Creating Eye Makeup Looks on my Hand (using the Jaclyn Hill Palette)

I've seen a couple of these floating around on the internet, and I've tried recreating them one or two times in the past. I was never really satisfied with the end results until now. And I'll probably continue practicing new looks like this, because it's really fun!
This is a great way to practice bold, more creative looks without committing to wearing it on your own eyes for the whole day. Plus, this adds a new twist to makeup as a creative outlet.
The base I always start with is a thin layer of either foundation, concealer, or primer. (Pretty much any base that the shadows can stick to and will make the colors pop more.)
Then, I begin by drawing the eyeliner and lashes. This helps map out the size and shape of the closed eye. I alternate between three different liquid liners (I know, SO extra) in order to get the precision I want. I use NYX Matte Liquid Liner, Sephora felt-tip liner, and Rimmel Glam-Eyes.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette does not have the names of the shadow…

The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe

I have never miss an upload on YouTube from Jaclyn Hill. How amazing it has been to see her grow as an artist and become so successful over the past few years!

I ordered the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette as soon as it launched on the Morphe website and it is the best makeup purchase I have ever made. With that being said, I decided to do a little review of the product. I didn't include swatches of every color, because you can find swatches of this palette on many different skin tones (this thing is all over the internet, I promise).

I took these photos in natural lighting to try and capture the shadows' truest colors.
There is not much to say except that the quality of these shadows is like nothing I've ever owned. They're EXQUISITE.  The shimmers are the creamiest you'll ever touch. You can drag the pigment for miles, I swear! The mattes are extremely blendable which is ideal. 
Now, I'll talk about some shortcomings of this palette starting with a faulty swatch…

A Father's Day Tribute to the Best of the Best


I'm sorry I had to use this picture of you--it's my favorite lol.
I have to start this off by thanking you for singing me to sleep as a baby.  I think that's where it all began... my love for music and passion for singing, that is.

Remember when that woman recognized me from when I sang karaoke when I was little? That would've never happened if you didn't push me to perform back then. I'm glad you were the one by my side when she came up to me that day after the basketball game. You deserve all of the praise for being my number one supporter, then and now. Thank you for encouraging me to perform and always recognizing my potential.
I made a list of some old songs you got me to like when I was younger because I plan to make a mix CD to reminisce a little. Maybe I'll send a copy your way. Hopefully they'll bring back some good memories for you too.I appreciate you "broadening my horizons" as soon as you possibly could. You brought some cult…

A Mother's Day Tribute to the One and Only

Mom!!! Alicia! Alicat395!

Can I just start by saying WE APPRECIATE YOU.

I'm convinced you might be the best person ever.

This world doesn't deserve your kind heart and selflessness, but here you are radiating every bit of it to us, thank goodness.
It'd be so dark here without you.

The best way to describe you as a mother is as follows:  I remember watching 13 going on 30 with you (this was years ago) and we were at the scene where Jenna visits her parents and stays the night. She tried going to sleep in her own bed, but there was a crazy storm that night, so she crawls into bed with her mom for comfort. That's when you said to me, "you'll never be too old for that." That stuck with me for years. Thank you for letting me know that you'll always be my security blanket.
 I love you so much it hurts.

My love for art and creativity comes straight from you and I will never stop striving to make you proud. I'll never forget the first time you showed me your art …

Simple Little Things that are sure to Get Everyone Into the Christmas Spirit

Hello, again! Wow... it has been so long, unfortunately. 
I was just lying in bed trying to get to sleep (it is now 3:12 in the morning) and I thought of doing this post.
I have spent every year of my life being home around this holiday season, and this year I won't be able to be with my family until Christmas Eve Eve. And although this is the case, I am in the Christmas spirit this year more-so than ever! (Of course, when I should be sleeping, a million and one things are running through my mind.) I thought about the little things I've done differently this year that have caused me to feel especially joyous, so I thought I'd share these things with you. 
Be warned as you read, these things are very small and do not require much effort, but do not doubt their power of influence!!! 

So, without further or do...


1. Light sweet/spiced holiday candles. My roommates and I have burned through candles like crazy this season. There is just something …

The Sky is Blue

I haven't been on here in a hot minute and I probably said the same thing in my last post... But right this second I feel so inspired to share this story that actually happened within the past hour.
I was a total wallflower during all of this, and it definitely had its perks. (Please get my cheesy movie reference.)
I am in a three-hour long public speaking class with about 25-30 students and today, we each gave a "personal story" speech in front of the class. If you're interested, I told about the time I encountered a huge sting ray in the ocean in the Bahamas. *interrupting to say this: I get chills just thinking about how flawlessly this story fell together and that I was lucky enough to observe its happenings. So, the presentations went in order by the groups we were assigned into. This guy got up to tell the story of how he figured out that he was colorblind. His parents took him to the eye doctor and that is when they received the news. Years later, he discover…